​Science of Early Child Development​​​​

The Science of Early Child Development (SECD) is a knowledge translation and mobilization initiative developed at Red River College (RRC) in Canada, designed to make current research accessible to anyone interested in the impact of early experience on lifelong health and well-being. Since 2009, the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) has been a key partner in expanding SECD globally by tailoring SECD educational resources for majority world contexts and developing flexible materials to meet the needs of different audiences – from parents and caregivers to graduate students, policy-makers and leaders. All SECD resources are media-rich, interactive and highlight research and programs from around the world.

The SECD resources developed in partnership between AKDN and RRC include: 

Online resources, course-ready

  • ​SECD International Edition
  • SECD In​​troductory International Edition ​

Offline resources used in face-to-face settings such as classrooms, meetings and workshops

  • ​SECD Seminar Series
  • SECD Resource Kit

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​Debjeet Sen, Programme Officer, PATH​

"I am a convert to ECD and I can say that over and over again. It was eye opening to be exposed through the SECD Seminar Series and it really helped sort of ground early childhood development in the way a child’s brain develops. I just love that it was presented in a way that spoke to me.” 


Lucy Nyaga, Aga Khan Univ​ersity 

"I found everything exciting and educative –I could not wait to log on to the course to read the next module for the participants, to post in the discussion forum and connect with my instructors. This was not my first course online but there was nothing like it!"​

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