Vision for an Institute for Human Development is laid out in a Report of the Chancellor’s Commission on the ‘Future of the Aga Khan University. 


Initiation of the Human Development Program (HDP) under the HDP Steering Committee chaired by the President to conduct research, education and training.


In December, AKU’s Board of Trustee set up the AKDN Writing Group to develop a formal proposal for an Institute for Human Development.


The AKDN Writing Group presented its report to the Trustee at Board meeting in Nairobi in July, and a phased implementation plan was developed in December 2011.


Writing Group was reconvened to work out a Strategy for Phase 1 Implementation and Board of Trustees approved the strategy later in the year.


Foundation Director of the Institute was appointed to provide leadership to advance the Institute as an important AKDN resource for early human development in resource-poor countries.


The Institute was officially launched at an inaugural conference held in Nairobi, February 12-14, 2015, on the theme of Investing in Early Child Development for a Better World. Reflecting the Institute’s interdisciplinary nature, presentations were made from the biological and health sciences, the social and behavioral sciences, education and the learning sciences, and other fields. The conference attracted 220 participants from 22 countries and 27 universities, underscoring the thirst for knowledge sharing in the region.