How We Do It​

The Institute for Global Health and Development is an AKU entity devoted to addressing complex global health challenges that relate to the thematic areas we have prioritised. We are dedicated to working with and for the people we have always worked with through the relationships we have through the Aga Khan Development Network​

The IGHD will form internal and external partnerships to address global health issues. These partnerships will focus on interdisciplinary approaches across the regions that the AKDN and AKU operate. ​In addition to fostering strong partnerships, the IGHD will serve as a resource to all collaborators and partners by offering services to produce robust and relevant work.​

Our Global Reach

One of our greatest strengths in the work that we do is the vast AKDN network that allows us to have a wide global network​​. The IGHD will partner and work with not only all of the sister agencies affiliated with the AKDN but also the various campuses, programmes and centres that are a part of the AKU network as well.