The Institute regularly hosts webinars that address major global health and development ​themes. Drawing on a wide range of leaders and specialists, the Institute's webinar series invites engagement and collaboration around these contemporary issues.  A core objective is to promote transdisciplinary research and program development, while also actively marketing the AKU's capabilities to global partners and funders.  

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Webinar # 7​ - Women in Science and Gender Equity

Institute for Global Health and Development is organizing a webinar on Women in Science and Gender Equity on Monday, August 23, 2021. ​

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Webinar # 6​ - Impact of Conflict on Global Health and Vulnerable Populations


Please join Brown University School of Public Health and The Aga Khan University for a very special webinar that will explore the impact of conflict on global health as championed by the Sustainable Development Goals and within the context of the COVID crisis, with a particular focus on vulnerable populations in resource constrained and conflict settings. Speakers and panelists will comment on issues of gravest concern and where there is emerging evidence of potential advancements. Pakistan will feature as a country of focus, but the lens for the webinar is relevant to a wide range of countries and settings.

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​Webinar # 5 - Achieving the SDGs: Has COVID-19 made this impossible?​

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Is the COVID pandemic striking​​ a devastating blow against progress on the global Sustainable Development Goals?  Or, is there hope, that amid the evidence of setbacks, opportunities to advance key objectives will catapult much needed reforms and investments?  This webinar explores what’s know about the impacts of the crisis to date on global targets, particularly as they pertain to the health-related SDGs.  Speakers and panelists will comment on issues of gravest concern and where there is emerging evidence of potential advancements.  Pakistan will feature as a country of focus, but the lens for the webinar is broad, including East Africa as well as Professor Sachs’ global outlook.


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 ​Webinar # 4 - Water and Global Health: Complexities and Challenges

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There has been progress in access to safe water and sanitation worldwide, but major scientific and social challenges remain. This webinar addresses several of those challenges, including: 1) water and health in the context of climate change; 2) issues of time, place, conflict and culture in water-related disease; and 3) the interplay of water, health, gender, and wellbeing in the built environment.  

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Webinar # 3 - Women in Science and Global Health


Hea​lth outcomes are defined by many factors.  Among them, biological considerations have an obvious impact, but so too is it imperative to understand gender-sensitive analyses of socioeconomic, political and environmental concerns. In addition, evidence shows that roles and relationship based on male and female status, gender identification, values, and behaviors all influence the health outcomes of individuals and societies. ​This webinar explores these topics as we hear from female leaders who talk about their work, its impact on global health and its relationship to driving gender equity.​

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Webinar # 2 - Inaugural Webinar Series : Agriculture, Nutrition, and Food Systems

This webinar tackles a complex challenge in collaboration with The Coalition of Centres in Global Child Health. ​Agriculture, food systems and nutrition combine at the nexus of a global crisis of malnutrition, food insecurity, and food quality. Every country is suffering the consequences of this significant medical and public health challenge, whether from undernutrition, overweight/obesity, micronutrient deficiencies or disease burden stemming from food quality, food and water contamination and poor food options and choices. The challenge encompasses an intersectoral, multi‐dimensional problem that interplays between government, business/industrial, household and individual decision‐making.​ This webinar explored how the Aga Khan University and its partners can work in collaboration with other global and local organizations.

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​​​Webinar # 1- Inaugural Webinar Series​​: Climate Change, Health, and Development

The health of the global environment is central to the sustained well-being of all life on Earth.  Yet climate change is a rapidly growing concern, causing unprecedented shifts in geographic, economic, social, and political priorities for action.  For the health sector, there must be new interdisciplinary approaches to understanding the challenges and developing strategies for action.  

This webinar explored how the Aga Khan University and its partners in the Aga Khan Development Network can work in collaboration with other global and local organizations to mount a program of research, education, and coordinated action in South and Central Asia and East Africa.  This webinar launched a targeted work program by the Institute on the effect of climate change on environmental as well as social and economic determinants on health and development outcomes. 

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