A Certificate in Education Course

Science Education​

​​​This Certificate in Education course is designed for science teacher educators and teachers teaching grades 4-8. Graduates who are aspiring to be science teachers can also participate in this programme. The course is a blend of face-to-face and online sessions and field work.


This course will enable the participants to:
  • demonstrate knowledge of science that underpins aspects of the National Science Curriculum of Pakistan (2006);
  • recognise and apply aspects of Nature of Science (NOS) and Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) to science teaching;
  • integrate STEM in science teaching;
  • use innovative pedagogies such as discrepant events, demonstrations, Predict-Observe-Explore (POE) models, evidence-based reasoning and case-studies to design and facilitate learning experiences that support and inspire students to understand and apply science knowledge and concepts;
  • respond to science teaching challenges, including unique local contexts and changing technological landscape;
  • assess teaching and learning of science using a variety of assessment strategies to find out what students know, what they do not know and what they partly know to redesign teaching learning;
  • engage in reflective practice to improve teaching and learning in classroom; and
  • critically analyse their role and responsibilities as effective science teacher for improving the quality of teacher learning and devise community of practice for continual professional development.