​Formative and Summative Assessment

​A Certificate in Education Programme

​This Certificate in Education Programme is designed for teachers, teacher educators and assessment professionals in education. Graduates who are aspiring to be teachers or aiming to work in the area of assessment can also participate in this programme. 

This programme will enable the participants to:
  • examine alternate methods of assessment relevant for their own contexts and discuss their implications for students' learning and teachers' teaching;
  • establish relationship between learning outcomes, instructional strategies and assessment;
  • develop, implement, and analyse good quality and contextually relevant formative and summative assessment tasks and tools;
  • design rubric and marking scheme to make authentic judgment about students' learning;
  • discuss ways to address issues (such as anxiety,  biases, equity ) in designing and implementing classroom assessment; and 
  • develop an action plan to improve existing assessment practices in their work context.
What is the focus of the programme?
The programme focuses on the following components:
  • Principles, purposes and methods of classroom assessment;
  • Matching assessment with learning outcomes and instructional strategies;
  • Planning, designing, implementing and reviewing formative and summative assessment methods;
  • Attributes of assessment (reliability, validity, transparency, authenticity);
  • Designing rubrics , understanding and analysing students’ responses and providing feedback; and
  • Action plan for better assessment in context.