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Welcome Note

Welcome to Aanchal, the Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development podcast series for early childhood education and development. ​This is the space where we will talk about how to care for children in healthy, safe and nurturing environments, and share relevant, best practice ideas, wisdom and suggestions from research and our work in diverse communities with families, teachers and young children. We hope that this podcast becomes a valuable support in your journey as parents and caregivers to raise healthy and happy children. We look forward to your comments on our social media channels!

Why the name Aanchal?
Aanchal is a piece of cloth worn typically by South Asian women like a dupatta (stole or scarf), and that is symbolic of a caregiver cloaking a young baby or child for protection and nurturing.​

Aanchal ECD Podcast Credits

  •   Produced by the Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development

  •   Designed, led, narrated and hosted by Dr Almina Pardhan​ and Yasmeen Mehboob​

  •   Translated in Urdu by Yasmeen Mehboob

  •   Hosted on Anchor

  •   Music @ “Indian Instrumental” by Ustaad Shujaat Hussain Khan

  •   Aanchal logo design @Erum Hamid

  •   Aanchal ECD podcast name @Dr. Almina Pardhan

  •   Supported by AKU-IED's Communications​ and Audio Visual Department