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​“Governance and Islam in East Africa: Muslims and the State”

III. Key Questions – Politics

• What is the interplay and fusion of culture, religion, and politics in addressing religio-political issues in East Africa? 

• How are notions of legitimacy, agency, and interpretation related to the flow and dynamism of religio-politics in East Africa and what are the strategies they give rise to? 

• What has been the response(s) of governments in East Africa to Muslim development?

• Is Muslim ‘progress’/’development’ dependent on government attitudes and policies? Does ‘ethnicity’ have a role in aiding or retarding such ‘progress’/’development’? (What is meant by Muslim ‘progress’/’development’? To what extent is it connected to national progress/development?). 

• What is the role of civil society in the politics of East Africa?

• Issues around militancy/violence/security of and for Muslims

• Islamic political parties – how do they function? Who funds them?