Advanced Level Courses on Assessment (I & II) in Health Professions Education

July 8-October 25, 2019

Medical College

The courses on assessment (course numbers 7014 and 7015) focus on the purpose, design, implementation and evaluation of rigorous assessment plans as well as assessment tasks, tools, and strategies relevant to HPE. There is particular emphasis on developing an innovative assessment tool within the context of their own profession and discipline.

ALC-Assessment I (ALC-A1)
This intensive interactive one week (48 hours) focuses on development of assessment plans and tools for outcome-based assessment. 

Learning outcomes
By the end of the course the students will be able to apply principles of assessment and best evidence in medical education (BEME) to assessment practices to:
  • develop an assessment blueprint
  • use assessment for formative and summative purposes
  • select and apply appropriate assessment tools for curricular outcomes
  • critique the available assessment tools and purpose(s) of assessment
  • evaluate assessment strategies and assessment programmes
  • demonstrate workplace based assessment

ALC-Assessment II (ALC-A2)
This intensive 48 hours of interactive teaching and learning will focus on test and measurement, and the psychometric properties of assessment tools. 

Learning outcomes
By the end of the course the students will be able to apply principles of assessment and best evidence in medical education (BEME) to assessment practices to:
  • search literature for tools to assess all outcomes
  • identify gaps in medical education literature where an outcome may not have valid or reliable tools to assess that particular Competency / Outcome(s)
  • apply the theories and principles and the different types of reliability and the unitary concept of validity to: develop an innovative assessment tool(s) for missing area(s)  and to enhance learning
  • interpret assessment data for monitoring, feedback and educational research

There are a limited number of seats, applicants will be shortlisted according to the specified selection criteria. read more…
  • An MBBS degree; or a four-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent in health sciences, or related field
  • Proven interest / responsibility in HPE
  • Minimum two years teaching experience in healthcare professions: Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry or Allied
  • Completion of the Introductory Short Course in Health Professions Education is a prerequisite (ISC-HPE 7001)
Programme Team
Dr Tabassum Zehra, Programme Director, MHPE
Dr Shazia Babar Programme Coordinator, MHPE
Dr Rukhsana W Zuberi, Course Director, ALC-Assessment 2019
Dr Azam Afzal, Course Coordinator, ALC-Assessment 2019

Department for Educational Development

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Centre for Innovation in Medical Education (CIME), AKU

Course fee (Local participants)
ALC-Assessment I: PKR 40,200 per person
ALC-Assessment II: PKR 53,600 per person

The deadline for submission of applications is May 06, 2019

Target audience
ALC-Assessment I & II are required courses for the students enrolled in Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE) Programme. They can also be taken up as elective courses for other graduate programmes and standalone courses for faculty of medicine, nursing and allied health professions (without enrolling in any degree programme).

Course duration
Sixteen weeks: Jul-Oct, 2019*
Contact period: Sept 02-16, 2019

* 9th & 10th Muharram (September 9 & 10) is public holiday


For information:
Mr Aslam Nathwani 
Department for Educational Development 
021 3486 2419

For registration:
MHPE Programme Office 
021 3493 0051 ext. 2419