Creating Contextually Relevant Instructional Design

August 15-November 24, 2017

Institute for Educational Development

Programme Highlights

The course will help you to channelize learning acquired from various sources in a constructive and meaningful manner targeted to improve classroom and school practices. Specifically it will provide you an opportunity to:
  • examine the situation in your own classroom/school and plan for instruction;
  • develop contextually relevant instructional design for your own classrooms/schools;
  • implement instructional designs in your classrooms/schools; and,
  • evaluate the success of instructional design process you used.

Who should attend?
Teachers, teacher educators, coordinators, heads currently working in primary and/or secondary schools.
Eighteen Weeks
(August 15 – November 24, 2017)

Face to Face Session

(2-3 days in a month with faculty and participants mutual understanding)

Field-based component
(Participants will integrate learning in their own classes or schools with field support by the course faculty)

2:30-6:00 pm

Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development

Course Fee
Rs. 24,000/- per participant

Deadline for registrations

July 31, 2017

Programme Facilitator

Dr Meher Rizvi is an Assistant Professor of Education at Aga Khan University, Institute for Educational Development. She did her PhD in education from Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Dr Rizvi has more than 25 years of teaching experience in a range of educational contexts, including primary schools, secondary schools, teacher education colleges, and national and international universities. She teaches courses on research methods, curriculum, teaching and learning, school improvement, educational change, professional development of teachers and foundations of education. Her primary research interests include teacher professional development and teacher professionalism, curriculum studies, teaching and learning, educational reforms and educational innovation with particular reference to elementary education, educational leadership and research methodologies.


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