Assessment for Learning in Africa Project Launch and Public Seminar

Improving Pedagogy and Assessment for Numeracy in Foundation Years

January 24-27, 2017
Dar es Salaam

Institute for Educational Development

AFLA project’s priority is to raise numeracy competence standards of school children.


Our Aim

To improve teachers’ own numeracy skills and understanding of how numeracy can be more effectively communicated to young learners and to improve children’s outcomes in the form of test results through appropriate assessment strategies.


Our Approach

To develop classroom materials for primary school numeracy development and use these as the basis for workshops and for the development of teacher learning communities in each research site. While much is known about assessment for learning in well-resourced circumstances this research deliberately involves itself in far more challenging circumstances, specifically in urban informal settlements, in order to develop ways of contributing to teaching and learning in the more marginal and disadvantaged circumstances in which millions of school-age learners find themselves.


Programme Highlights

23rd January 2017: Field visit: AFLA team will visit selected schools in Temeke, Dar es Salaam where the research will be carried out


24th January, 2017: Project launch and engagement with key stakeholders


25th, 26th and 27th January, 2017: Experts from the Aga Khan University and the Oxford University UK will lead full day workshops for primary mathematics teachers from selected schools in Temeke. A key purpose of these workshops would be to provide capacity development in Assessment for Learning


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Aga Khan University - Salama House

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania