Integrative Perspectives on Early Child Development

A CPE Online Course

March 1-April 9, 2021

Medical College

Course Outline
Early years covers the entire period from conception to 8 years.  Early years is the best time for optimal growth and development of children. This course aims to introduce participants to the knowledge of theories and interventions to support early child development.  The main idea is to bring under discussion the neuroscientific evidence for early brain development and the role of biological and social determinants responsible within the context of family, community, culture, religion, gender, politics, and economy in rural and urban settings. Participants will also become more familiar with the investment case for Early Childhood Development  with perspectives from the rights based framework and  international commitments such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and obligations with recent international guidelines ( Nurturing Care Framework).

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, participants should be able to: 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the integrated early brain and biological development during early years and its influence on life span development
  • Explain the importance of maternal and child nutrition with relation to adolescence, antenatal, postnatal, and early years - First 2000 days and beyond
  • Relate maternal mental health and its effects on children’s health and development
  • Critically examine the philosophies that underpin the different approaches to early childhood education and physical and learning environment that facilitate learning
  • Discuss how the WHO Nurturing Care Framework converges evidence and commitment, providing a roadmap for action to set up the most effective policies and services to help children survive and thrive
  • Have a broader understanding of global policy landscape and international commitments for monitoring and measuring ECD

Course Director
Dr Seema Lasi

Course Facilitators
  • Dr. Aisha Yousafzai, Associate Prof. Harvard University
  • Ms. Ayesha Z. Khan, Nutritionist (HDP)
  • Dr. Kausar Waqar, Sr. Instructor (HDP)
  • Dr. Seema Lasi, Sr. Instructor (HDP)
  • Dr. Shelina Bhamani, Assist. Prof. (Obs/Gyn)
  • Dr. Sidra Kaleem, Assist. Prof. (Paediatrics)

Who should attend
ECD Practitioners, Psychologists, Social Workers, Health Practitioners, Preschool Teachers, Daycare Staff, Parents/Caregiver and professionals working with children

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Course Fees
Rs. 9,500 + SST @ 5% Rs 475 (for international participants: US$ 100 + SST @ 5% US$ 5

Deadline for registration
February 22, 2021


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