AKU Hackathon 5.0: School Preparedness for Emergencies

January 24-26, 2020

Institute for Educational Development

Emergencies are a norm in Pakistan and schools have been exposed to emergency situations including natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and human-caused e.g. terrorist attacks. Schools have a responsibility to ensure that students and staff members are kept safe during and after emergency events. Yet, children’s safety and school’s preparedness to deal with emergency situations is not a mandatory requirement for all schools in the country. Schools often lack preparedness for emergency mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Also, the current solutions have gaps; therefore, there is a need for innovative thinking.

At the end of this 3-day event, you, our “hackers”, will share your innovative solutions to deal with emergencies in schools.

  • Identify gaps/problems in schools’ capabilities for emergency mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery related to natural and human-made disasters;
  • Enable people from different backgrounds to work together to analyze problems/gaps and create innovative solutions; and
  • Develop engagement strategies for schools, first-responders, Aga Khan Development Network and others such as NGOs, government organizations working on disaster emergencies.
The Hackathon is organised by AKU's Institute for Educational Development and Critical Creative Innovative Thinking (CCIT) forum, in collaboration with Emergency Medicine and Safety and Security departments at AKU.

Who can participate?
The Hackathon is an opportunity for people who are directly or indirectly affected by school emergencies to come together to hack the problems and create solutions. Examples include: school children, teachers, administrators, paramedics, ambulance services, police/rangers, fire fighters, doctors, nurses, engineers, IT experts, electric companies, telecom companies, mental health experts, security agencies, government agencies and disaster management authorities, banks, finance experts and start-up experts.

How can you participate?
You can participate as:
  • Hackers
  • Mentors (send your CV and a statement to: shahtaj.yousuf@aku.edu and ccit@aku.edu)
  • Sponsors (send an email: ccit@aku.edu)

  • Day 1: Problem pitch and formation of teams
  • Day 2: Hacking/ Mentoring
  • Day 3: Finalizing solutions, presenting and judging solutions

Registration Fee
  • School students: Rs 500/- per person
  • Others: 1,000/- per person

  • Get 40% fee waiver on early bird registrations till November 10, 2019.

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Thanks to Our Supporters
Special thanks to the sector champion K-Electric for supporting us.

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