40 Years On: Reflections on the Iranian Revolution

May 23, 2019
5:30 pm-7:30 pm | London

Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations

Image Caption: 8 of March protest against compulsory hijab by women in 1979.

The Iranian Revolution of 1979 is widely seen as one of the most significant events of the 20th century, due to its dramatic consequences not only for the political, social and cultural landscape of Iran and the Middle East but also at a global scale. Marking the 40th anniversary of this historical event, this panel discussion brings together renowned scholars of Iran to revisit the debate on the causes and the impact of the revolution for Iran and beyond. In particular, it aims to address three main questions: What were the national and international conditions underpinning the revolutionary dynamics in Iran in the global context of the 1970s? How should the Iranian revolution be analysed in an historical-comparative perspective? And, what is the legacy, or rather, the multiple legacies, of the revolution for the political struggles in Iran and the Middle East today? By focusing on these questions, the panel seeks to reconsider some of the most salient issues stemming from the Iranian Revolution, such as Islamisation and the consequences for women and the national question in Iran, forty years on. 

* The discussion will be followed by a reception

Speakers and Paper Titles:

Stephanie Cronin, University of Oxford
The Global 1970s and the Iranian Revolution

Touraj Atabaki, International Institute for Social History (IISH)
The Iranian Revolution (1978-1979): The Contentious Complexities of Ineluctability of the Revolution

Valentine M. Moghadam, Northeastern University
Revolutions and Women’s Rights: The Iranian Revolution in Comparative Perspective

Kamran Matin, Sussex University
Iranian Left, Radical Change and the National Question


Sevgi Adak, Aga Khan University Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations.


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Atrium Conference Room,
Aga Khan Centre,
10 Handyside Street,
London N1C 4DN