​Hearing patients’ stories, researching patients’ stories: Qualitative Research for specialists in lung and heart disease

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There has been an increased interest in collecting and compiling stories of patients whether they are cardiac patients or cancer patients or those suffering from lung disease. These narratives are very important as way of hearing the voice of patients and their care givers. However, the importance of these compilations can go beyond this, these stories can be analysed using qualitative methods of research to help understand the experiences of patients and their caregivers in a way that can contribute to their medical care and well- being. This short workshop will introduce participants to qualitative methods of research such as life history and narratives for use as medical practitioners and show how narrative data can be analyzed. This workshop will also benefit teachers and teacher educators who want to introduce health education in their schools and institutions and may want exposure to qualitative research methods for this purpose​ ​

Date and Time: Friday, November 3, 2017 | 2:00-5:30 pm

Venue: PBL Room, Ground Floor, CIME


​Prof. Nelofer Halai, Professor, Institute for Educational Development


To enable the participants to:

  • Obtain a brief overview of qualitative research methods
  • Exposure to Life History method of research
  • Understand how this method can be used for improvement of practice
  • Data collection and data analysis process​


  • What is qualitative research?
  • What is life history research?
  • Methods of data collection for this kind of research
  • Methods of data analysis for qualitative narrative data​

Who Should Attend?: 

Practitioners who are interested to diversify their research portfolio and use stories and life histories to understand their practice will benefit from this workshop. No prior understanding of qualitative research is necessary. 


Note: CME credits will be available

Workshop registration deadline: October 31, 2017

Limited seats available. Seats for workshops will be filled on a first come first serve basis​

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