Writing Feedback Service

The aim of the Writing Feedback Service is to provide Students, Staff and Faculty at AKU with expert feedback and help develop your use of English language for writing. Thus, the focus of this service is on language feedback only.

An ELE_net Writing Advisor will provide feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your writing and give guidance on language - range, accuracy and appropriateness.

You will be expected to submit an extract of no more than 300 words.

Submitting your writing for feedback

1) Click on this link to take you to the Writing Feedback Service website. You will need to login using your AKU username and password.

2) Upload your extract to the site. You will receive an email notification that your document has been successfully submitted.

Receiving your feedback

1) You will receive an email from an ELE_net writing advisor that your feedback is ready to be viewed.

2) Return to the Writing Feedback Service website. You can view your feedback by clicking on the Submission Title.