​​Building a Single-C​ell Atlas of the Placental Genome

​Team Lead: Dr Mohammed Yusuf, Assistant Professor ​

​​Dr Yusuf's team aims to understand the normal 3D organisation of the human chromosomes in single-cells of the placental genome and how it changes in disease states. The specific focu​s of this research is on:

  • Investigating genomic instability in normal placental cells, and

  • Determining the extent of aneuploidy ​in both non-invasive and invasive placental cells​.​​

​This research will help in understanding:

  • The full genetic architecture of cells in normal placentas

  • The favoured aneuploidy chromosomes during the invasion

  • How are chromosomes organised in the placental cells? ​

  • If the chromosomes alter position due to aneuploidy and if there is any contact between specific chromosomes 

  • Diseases relating to abnormal placentation during fetal development​

The team is using high-end imaging technology in combination with cytogenetics for mapping the chromosomes. It has managed to set up different cytogenetic strategies for mapping single cells by karyotyping using multicolour FISH.​ ​

Team Lead

Mohammed Yusuf

Assistant Professor​​​

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