​​3D Advance Imaging of Cells Grown in Scaffolds

​Team Lead: Dr Mohammed Yusuf, Assistant Professor​

​Dr Mohammed Yusuf's team is engaged in applying 3D imaging to understand how cells grow and behave in 3D biodegradable scaffolds. It has implications for regenerative medicine and is also critical in testing cells before human application.​​

​​The study is building on an X-ray tomography that Dr Yusuf performed in the UK that provided a large field of view and suitable resolution to image cells within the biomaterial of choice, poly L-lactide (PLLA) scaffolds. The research compared two fibre diameters, including 4 microns which are used in commercially available Mimetix products and examined cell infiltration and cell-cell connectivity over 2, 5 and 8 days. It demonstrated that the complex 3D behaviour of cells and the potential for imaging technology can be used for understanding cell-scaffold interactions for future medical use.

​​​Team Lead

Mohammed Yusuf

Assistant Professor​​​

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