Confocal Microscopy Core

Confocal microscopy applies optical imaging techniques probed with various fluorescence thereby increasing optical resolution and contrast of a micrograph through a spatial pinhole to eliminate out-of-focus light. 

It enables the reconstruction of three-dimensional structures from sets of images obtained at different depths within a thick object. It is widely used in numerous biological disciplines, from cell biology and genetics to microbiology and developmental biology. 

The confocal microscope can be used to undertake: ​​

  • 3D imaging 
  • Visualization of protein-protein interactions and translocation 
  • Fluorescent Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) 
  • Fluorescence Loss in Photobleaching (FLIP) 
  • Fluorescence Localization after Photobleaching (FLAP) 


Nikon Eclipse Ti-E Inverted Microscope 

CRM is equipped with a Nikon Eclipse T1 inverted microscope and a CO2 chamber that can be used for live imaging and time-lapse experiments. 


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