Sheerien Rajput

PhD Student​

Ms Rajput is a summa cum laude MSc graduate from the Department of Genetics, University of Karachi and qualified for the award of Zaidi Abid Gold Medal for obtaining a first class first position. She also received the Karachi Cotton Association Gold Medal Award for highest scores in the subject of plant breeding. After completion of her Masters, she continued as a research student in the same department and also served as a co-operative teacher for six months. ​​​

Research interest 

Ms Rajput as part of her PhD is engaged in exploring the potential role of MUC1 and XBP-1 in cancer with a particular interest in multiple myeloma in in-vitro and patient samples. Her research interests include stem cell biology, cancer biology, cloning and molecular pathology. 

Ms Sheerien has presented her work at local and international conferences. 

  • Rajput, S, Minhas, K, Azam, I, Habib, S, Hussain, AR, Lalani, E-N. Expression of EBV in the non-neoplastic cell population in trephine biopsies of patients with Multiple Myeloma is associated with a significant survival advantage. Poster session presented at: AACR Hematologic Malignancies: Translating Discoveries to Novel Therapies; 2017 May 6-9; Boston, Massachusetts. 

  • Rajput, S, Naqvi, Z, Shakih, U, Siddiqui, AA, Lalani, E-N. Establishment of a Pakistani myeloma cell line AKU-MY01. Poster session presented at: 18th National Health Sciences Research Symposium, Aga Khan University; 2015 Feb 25-26; Karachi.  

  • Kamran, M, Rajput, S, Khalid, M, Siddiqui, AA, Lalani, E-N. Studies on prostasphere forming cells from prostate epithelial cell lines. Poster session presented at: Health Sciences Research Assembly, Aga Khan University; 2011Dec 14-15; Karachi. 

  • Rajput, S, Siddiqui, AA, Lalani, E-N. MUC1, A Protein to be Unveiled in Hematological Malignancies. Poster session presented at: Health Sciences Research Assembly, Aga Khan University; 2011 Dec 14-15; Karachi.