El-Nasir M A Lalani

Papers ​

  1. Nazia Riaz,Romana Idress, Sadia Habib and El-Nasir Lalani. Lack of Androgen Receptor Expression Selects for Basal-Like Phenotype and Is a Predictor of Poor Clinical Outcome in Non-Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Front. Oncol., 28 July 2020. Link

  2. Sheerien Rajput ORCID Icon,Khurram Minhas,Iqbal Azam,Usman Shaikh,Azhar Hussain &El-Nasir Lalani.LMP1 expression in bone marrow trephines of patients with multiple myeloma confers a survival advantage.Pages 1991-2001 | Received 22 Nov 2018, Accepted 20 Dec 2018, Published online: 26 Mar 2019. Link

  3. Daniel Barr,Danny Chan,Susan Garfinkel,Zoë Hammatt,Iekuni Ichikawa,Michael Kalichman,El-Nasir Lalani,In Jae Lee,Frederick Leung,Eric Mah,Tony Mayer,Prasit Palittapongarnpim,Theresa Sawicka,Mai Har Sham,Surendra Shastri,Ping Sun,Paul Taylor&Ovid Tzeng.​First meeting in Asia of the Asia Pacific Research Integrity network.Pages 99-106 | Published online: 14 Jan 2020.​ Link​

  4. ​Riaz N, Idrees R, Habib S, Azam I, Lalani E-N. Expression of Androgen Receptor and Cancer Stem Cell Markers (CD44+/CD24- and ALDH+): Prognostic Implications in Invasive Breast Cancer. Translational Oncology. 2018; 11(4): 920-929. Link

  5. Ibrahim S, Siddiqui AA, Siddiqui AR, Ahmed W, Moss PAH and Lalani EM (2016). Sociodemographic factors associated with IgG and IgM seroprevalence for human cytomegalovirus infection in adult populations of Pakistan: a seroprevalence survey.BMC Public Health.2016;16:1112. Link   

  6. Sultana A, Idress R, Naqvi ZA, Azam I, Khan S, Siddiqui AA and Lalani EM (2014). Expression of the androgen receptor, pAkt, and pPTEN in breast cancer and their potential in prognostication. Translational Oncology. 2014;7(3):355-362. Link

  7. Romanska H, Salagierski M, Bruton R, Abel P, Sosnowski M and Lalani EM (2010). Doxazosin induces apoptosis in PTEN–positive androgen-independent PC cells via inhibition of A kt activation. Central European Journal of Urology. 2010; 63(2):91-97. Link

  8. Romanska H, Tiziani S, Howe RC, Günther UL, Gulzar Z and Lalani EM (2009). Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Detects Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase/Akt-Independent Traits Common to Pluripotent Murine Embryonic Stem Cells and Their Malignant Counterparts. Neoplasia. 2009;11(12):1301–1308. Link

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  10. El-Sheikh SS, Romanska R, Domin J, Abel P and Lalani EN. Predictive value of PTEN and AR coexpression of sustained responsiveness to hormonal therapy in prostate cancer--a pilot study. Neoplasia. 2008 Sep; 10(9):949-53. Link

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  17. Baus-Loncar M, Schmid J, Lalani EN, Rosewell I, Goodlad RA, Stamp GW, Blin and N, Kayademir T (2005). Trefoil factor 2 (tff2) deficiency in murine digestive tract influences the immune system. Cell Physiol Biochem. 2005;16(1-3):31-42. Link

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Books/ Book Chapters​​

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