Dr El-Nasir M A Lalani

Founding Director

Dr El-Nasir M A Lalani is the Professor of Stem Cell Biology and Translational Medicine at CRM. He holds a cross-appointment in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine as Professor of Molecular and Cellular Pathology. 

Dr Lalani was appointed as the Founding Director of CRM in 2016. Before his current role, he was the Founding Dean of Research and Graduate Studies for eight years. Prior to joining AKU, he held academic appointments at the University of Birmingham and Imperial College, UK. 

Dr Lalani is a member and Chair of the Executive Committee of the joint AKU-UCSF stem cell and regenerative medicine Research Capacity Development Program. He is a member of: 

  • Asian and Pacific Rim Research Integrity Planning Committee 

  • Aga Khan Foundation Canada 

  • Central Asia Health Strengthening Committee 

  • International Joint Research Assessment Committee of the Programme for Cooperation in the Science and Technology between MCTES and the Ismaili Imamat

  • New York Academy of Sciences 

  • American Association for Advancement of Science 

Dr Lalani has also served as

  • Chairman Aga Khan Education, Board, UK

  • Director of Pakistan Medical Research Council

  • Co-Director Imperial College (Adult) and MRC (Foetal) Human Biomaterials Resource Centre (HBRC)  

  • Member of the Human Tissue Authority, Designated Individual, at the University of Birmingham, UK 

  • Member of the Aga Khan European Council

  • Member of West Midlands, National Research Ethics Committee

Dr Lalani is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists, UK and Higher Education Academy, UK.  

Dr Lalani's work spans the fields of basic science and clinical medicine. He has published many articles, book chapters, and over 150 peer-reviewed research papers. He has contributed chapters to and is the co-editor of the book Prostate Cancer: Scientific and Clinical Aspects- Bridging the Gap; by Imperial College Press. 

Teaching and training 

  • Co-organized a short course on Molecular and Cellular Biology of Cancer at Imperial College, London and University of Birmingham, UK 

  • Taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Imperial College London and Birmingham University, UK 

  • Supervised more than 30 PhD and Masters students 

Research interest 

Dr Lalani's academic expertise and research interest include stem cell and cancer biology, pathology, bio-banking, and bioethics. 


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  • Ibrahim S, Siddiqui AA, Siddiqui AR, Ahmed W, Moss PAH and Lalani EM (2016). Sociodemographic factors associated with IgG and IgM seroprevalence for human cytomegalovirus infection in adult populations of Pakistan: a seroprevalence survey.BMC Public Health.2016;16:1112. Link   

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