Valedictory Speech

By Betty Nabiwande Muisi

God is good! And all the time! And that is his nature. It’s a pleasure standing in front of you this afternoons; I really thank God that we have reached the climax of our courses; congratulations and praise God for his goodness.  When we started in 2010 we were 27 BScN student and 30 diploma students. During the 3rd semester we lost our colleague Adroa Joy, a BScN student. Let’s have a moment of silence to remember her, may her soul rest in internal peace.

We thank Aga Khan University for it has made us shine wherever we are, because of 1st class knowledge, skills and right attitude attained during the course of training. We would like to thank in particular the academic head, finance manager, student affairs’ and our dear faculties who have done a great job since the first semester to the end. We can’t forget to thank our class representatives and the support staffs (Mr. Kasolo to mention a few) for their selfless service rendered to us. The fact is we are academically empowered and uplifted to a higher step in that we have not remained the same.

We will always remember 1st semester, when we looked strange to each other on the first day, the first computer class (getting emails) and library class getting to know hinari as a search engine, those days of biochemistry and pathophysiology to mention but a few.

Special thanks goes to Johnson and Johnson company for the financial support rendered to us during the course of training, let’s give them a big hand clap and may the good Lord bless you abundantly.

I also take this opportunity to thank our other sponsors’: our spouses, organizations and above all our employers for the financial and moral support. A lot wouldn’t have been possible without your support, we are so grateful.

We are happy for our friends who have managed to introduce their fiancés to their parents, gotten married and gotten children including the twins, however, we experienced challenges and stress as individuals in different ways and some of our colleagues had some health challenges.

As I conclude our credit goes to our beloved families (spouses and children) who have endured our absence from home during the course and continued to give us both financial and moral support up to the end.

We are so appreciative to the management and staff of the teaching hospitals where we had our clinical experience like, Mulago, Butabika, Mengo and Nsambya, for all the knowledge and skills acquired during our practicum.

I encourage our colleagues who have achieved their diplomas to come again to AKU and pursue the degree course as well.

My prayer is that Aga Khan University - Uganda expands and introduces a Master’s programme and we come back for more knowledge.

May the Lord bless you as you go back to your respective places’ I wish you a blessed new year 2013, thanks for listening. Long live Aga Khan.​

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