Valedic​tory  Speech

By Ms Emily Bochere Ondari

Heartfelt honour is to our Almighty Father who has granted us good health, peace, love, security and mercies on our journey to share this joyful moment.

The presence of the following is greatly acknowledged:
Our chief guest; Honourable  Dr Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi, Minister of Health and Social Welfare
Ambassador Dehlavi, the Chairman of the University
The President of the University, Mr. Rasul
The Provost, Dr. Greg Moran
Faculty from AKU and other universities

Employers, family members, friends, alumni and fellow colleagues

Utmost appreciation goes to all groups and institutions which have supported us - the Tanzanian Higher Education Students’ Loans Board, the Ministries of Education of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, Johnson Johnson, the Rotary Club, the Awali group and all other financial donors who helped us study conducively.

Although the academic journey was rocky and hilly, we are finally graduates because of the smooth, lovely and parent-like guidance from AKU faculty members for which we are grateful. Therefore, dear faculty share graduates’ happiness today because your input has led to a productive output.

Self-determination, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, time management and self-directed learning were keys to the safe of excellence. As alumni we should continue to practice these wherever we go to grow professionally and be role models for others.

Information and Communication Technology was invaluable in this tough road.  The AKU curriculum reinforced ICT throughout our respective programs especially the e-learning components. We are now confident in using ICT and so let us find new ways of incorporating it in our lives in order to bring about development at a personal and social level.

The knowledge, skills and attitude gained from research, scholarly papers, community field work and elective modules have given us an edge over graduates of other universities in the region. Let us continue to excel and bring honour to our university by the outstanding work we do.

Our lovely students left behind, please follow our footsteps. We have already worked together as buddies so we hope that you have already copied the tactics and secrets behind our success. Do not hesitate to consult us and we shall work hand in hand because we are all proud ambassadors of AKU foundation.

As alumni, let us resolve to shine and work tirelessly in various institutions where opportunities will be granted to create impact on nursing care and education without forgetting our pledge and at all costs not abandoning our professional ethics so as to bring about positive change to our overall image.

I believe this day has come about because of the following principle that I call the AKU Success Formula that comprises of five components;

  • Good student entry criteria
  • Learned and motivated faculty
  • Well stocked, updated resource centre and library
  • Consistent student and faculty evaluation
  • Proper time management

These have resulted in quality alumni throughout the years. Let us be proud that we are products of this formula and use it in our respective work places when applicable.

As we depart, we remind the AKU community to consult us whenever need arises, we are the fruits of your labour.  Finally, as graduates who have shared this academic journey let us keep in touch professionally and personally.

Thank you all for listening. Have a good day and enjoy the ceremony.​​​

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