​Conference for Clinical Simulation Strategic Planners​

Be a Leader in Clinical Simulatio​n

Clinical simulation is a rapidly growing educational specialty and this course has been designed to meet the needs of sectors considering its adoption, integration, or expansion. It focuses on the decision making processes in relation to simulation facilities, human resources, technology, curricula and change management. It will guide senior decision-makers and stake-holders to develop a strategic plan with simulation centre-specific goals, strategies, objectives and tactics, thus, providing a critical foundation for future success.​

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Participants will be actively engaged in challenging but well supported activities. Theory will be provided to the extent that it informs practice. The focus will be on acquiring knowledge of all aspects of clinical simulation and developing those qualities required to lead change, introduce clinical simulation and effectively manage a simulation centre.

Module Descriptors​

Module 1      ​Introduction to Clinical Simulation

Module 2      Planning and Curriculum Integration

Module 3      Building the Infrastructure and Designing

Module 4      Management and Resources

Module 5      Business and Events Management

Module 6      ​Outcomes Measurement, Evaluation, Research and Innovation


Fee: Rs. 60,000/-

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