​​Section I Equipment

​Prestigeo LED (Qty-11) in PBL Rooms

Sharp LCD 80 inch (Qty-2) in Conference Room

LED Examination Lights (Qty-22) in PBL and Consulting Rooms​

Section II Equipment

Enema Administration Simulator (Qty-12)

Cervical Dialatation / Effaceme (Qty-8)

ECG Simulator 3B Science (Qty-8)

1017891 Epidural and Spinal IN (Qty-4)

125-01050 Little Family Pack (Qty-18)

121-01050 Little Anne 4-Pack L (Qty-7)

CVC Insertion Simulator (Qty-5)

KYOT KAGAKU Ear Examination (Qty-5)

THM-20 Ultrasound Thoracentesi (Qty-2)

S607 Hysteroscopy Simulator GA

S100.4 Umbilical Catheterization

Sultan Anal Sphincter Trainer (Qty-2)

1005884 Heart & Breath Sounds

94005033 AED Trainer 2 (IE) LA (Qty-8)​

339S Physician Scale S. Dual R (Qty-4)

iPM-12 Patient Monitor (Qty-2)

PM-60 Handheld Pulse Oximeter (Qty-5)

1005804 Infant Patient Care MA (Qty-8)

1000502 3B Scientific Patient (Qty-5)

1000509 IV Injection Arm 3B S (Qty-12)

1005650 Adult ACLS Torso (Qty-2)

Zoe Gynaecology Simulator (Qty-5)

Obstetric Examination (Qty-5)

Nita Newborn Infant Venous ACC (Qty-2)

LF03769U Pericardiocentesis SI

SB25326U Model Torse W/Detach

"Surgical Sally" Bandaging Sim

Advance Child Birth Simulator (Qty-4)

Central Line Man System (Qty-5) 

FLM-50 Femoral Line Man System

200-05050 Mega Code Kelly Advance (S)

231-05050 Mega Code Kid (S)

151-20003 RA Advance Skill Trainer (Qty-8)

Advance Life Support Baby Trainer 200M (Qty-8)

220-25050 Newborn Anne (Qty-5)

260-20001 Trainer 12 Lead-STD (Qty-3)

375-80001 Kit, Arm-ART STK-STD (Qty-2)

Infusion Pump; Infusomat Space (Qty-6)

Prompt Birthing Simulator 

1017235 Advance Breast Exam Simulator (Qty-2)

1000288 Female Pelvis 6-PARTS

1013282 Pelvis Male with Organ

1000157 Bone Line Spine

Child Birth Model SB23505U Stages of Labour

LIFEPAK 20 Defibrillator / Monitor (Qty-3)

DMC3-4S10-4B DMC Medication Cart Comb (Qty-3)

Section III Equipment

Vimedix Ultrasound Simulator with Transthoracic and Transesophageal Echocardiography

DMC3-4S10-4B DMC Medication Cart Comb

M82 Kyoto Kagaku Eye Examination (Qty-5)

231-05050 Mega Code Kid (S)

376-01050 Prompt Birthing Simulator

245-02033 SimBaby Simulator

SonoSim Ultrasound Simulator (Qty-2)

260-05001 PNEUMOTHRAX Trainer

LapSim Laproscopy Simulator

1017235 Advanced Breast Exam Simulator (Qty-3)

1005789 Gynaecology Simulator (Qty-5)

1000288 Female Pelvis 6-PARTS (Qty-13)

1013282 Pelvis Male with Organ (Qty-13)

ITSTD02 Immersive Touch Neurosurgery Simulator 

VR Magic EyeSi Surgical Simulator

Virtamed Urology Simulator 

2210001 Vist-C Simulator 

ENT - 510 VOXEL-MEN Simulator

GI-Bronch Mentor II

Planmeca Compact I Bench Simulator for Dentistry (Qty-17)

Pedia Sim

Human Patient Simulator (HPS)

Section IV Equipment 

​Havery Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator


Mega Code Kid (Qty-2)

SimMan 3G

Infusion Pump

Mega Code Kelly (Qty-3)

Medication Cart

Weight Machine

Sphygmomanometer B.P


TeleECG Glove




TeleOtoscope Digital Macroview


TelePathalogical Camera


TeleRadiology Software (Qty-3)

Digital Weight machine 160

Digital BP

Webcam (Qty-2)

Digital Camera Nikon

Tablet for radiology image view (Qty-2)

Kinetic technique of human realtime modeling for teleconsultation

Defibrillator and External Pacer Analyzer

Gas Flow Analyzer

Parameter Tester

Test Lung

Incubator Analyzer

Infusion Device Analyzer

Patient Monitor Simulator

Phototherapy Radiometer

Medical ScopeMeter

Digital Multimeter  

Electrical Safety Analyzer

Tool kit​