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Bahadur Teachers saving lives in the classroom
November 22, 2019

This course taught 87 school teachers how to handle medical emergencies in the classroom when they become a ‘first responder’ in a life-or-death situation while waiting on the first-aider or school nurse to arrive.
Let’s go to doctor!
November 18, 2019

General Practitioners from across Pakistan, gathered in CIME to learn about updated practices and the latest thinking in infection control and to rehearse clinical scenarios to strengthen their clinical skills.
Intended Consequences
November 18, 2019

​At a meeting of the SONAM team responsible for nursing students’ utilisation of CIME, the Director was thanked by Assistant Dean for imposing a change that eventually made a big difference in students’ experiences of simulation.
Victoria standardises the teaching of the birthing process
November 14, 2019

Congratulations! Victoria has delivered its 120th baby, by third year student nurses.
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