Message from the Global ​Director​​

Professor Charl​es Docherty​​​

CD.jpgThe Centre for Innovation in Medical Education is the first center in Pakistan to introduce clinical simulation. It is the best in the region and unique in the world through being purpose built with so much cutting edge technology under one roof.  It has been operational for more than a year now and has made significant progress in that time.  Our aim is to develop Simulation-based education as a structured, learner-centered process in which beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners can learn new skills or maintain existing skills without causing harm to patients. It is an important method in bridging the gap between theory and practice in education, providing students with the confidence and competence to practice on patients in the real world.​
We serve undergraduate and postgraduate medical and nursing students; hospital staff and allied health sectors in general. These pages introduce our facilities and hopefully will give you ideas as to how you can use the centre to enhance and grow your expertise in teaching.
We also invite you to visit our simulation center to discover the wide range of educational opportunities and support that we provide to faculty and students.​

Professor Charles Docherty