​​​About Centre of Excellence for Trauma and Emergencies, Aga Khan University​​​

CETE functions as a cohesive research and academic unit that aims to:

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  1. Develop and offer educational and capacity building initiatives in trauma and emergencies for community, healthcare workforce and leadership in low- and middle- income countries (LMICs)​​.

  2. Conduct high quality, impactful, externally funded research and innovation in the field of disaster, trauma and​ emergency.

  3. Support high quality trauma and emergency care delivery through the use of technology.

​In addition, CETE also advocates for local and global policy changes that will eventually improve the health outcomes of individuals and groups affected by trauma and emergencies in LMICs and contribute to reducing the number of preventable deaths and disabilities following those events.​​


​CETE aims to develop human and institutional capacity and advocate for local and global policy change to maximize the chances of survival after an individual or public health emergency in the global south.​​