​SAFARi-CONNECT - Partnership Database

International partnerships are always considered a key contributor for organizations to grow and thrive. Over the last decade, the University Partnerships Office has been responsible for initiating, managing, and evaluating all partnership-relevant activities at AKU, ensuring that the University’s long-term strategy for internationalization and development comes to fruition. More significantly the UPO has played a key role in collecting partnership data and tracking activities, MoUs, visits, internships, and other relevant information. This information is consolidated and shared with the Board, leadership, and faculty in advance of visits, meetings, and when reviewing our partnership strategy. 

To improve the collection of data the UPO is pleased to introduce our new partnerships database-SAFARi-CONNECT. 

SAFARi-CONNECT is a platform that will allow us to improve the ways in which we efficiently collect, track, and report on our partnership data. The database will help record information such as past and active agreements, objectives, outcomes, the number of visits made, research, and more. It is intended to help the UPO, prioritize, and strategize AKU’s global presence and build anchor partnerships to achieve our internationalization goals. 
To provide an overall sense of the scop​e of our partnerships, incorporated into SAFARi-CONNECT is a publisher tool that will provide a dynamic map of AKU’s partnerships and related information around the globe. Once SAFARi-CONNECT is launched, AKU faculty, staff, partners, community, and visitors will be able to access the Partnerships Database through the UPO website to aid them in their continued engagement with international institutions, furthering AKU’s global reach. Please look out for launch details in the coming weeks.