AKU-IIP’s participation at the 2017 Global Internship Conference (GIC)

Since 2008, the Aga Khan University International Internship Programme (AKU-IIP) has been providing experiential learning opportunities to students from around the world. These experiences have proven to be both exciting and significant by giving interns the chance to work in fields of research, service, management, and teaching. This June, the Aga Khan University’s International Internship Programme was selected to present at the 2017 Global Internship Conference’s Annual Poster Community in Santiago, Chile. 
AKU-IIP attended the conference to promote AKU’s innovative internship programme in the global south and to present about the programme’s steady growth and development over the past few years. Despite the challenges of running such a programme in the midst of current geo political conditions and global changes, AKU-IIP has been successful in giving a meaningful experience to more than 95 interns coming from 25 different international institutions in a variety of host countries. These interns, who are trained in a broad range of disciplines, come to join AKU and other agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network in one of ten (10) countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Pakistan, UAE, India, Egypt, Mozambique, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. AKU views these placements as a clear opportunity to build capacity, expand and strengthen the existing partnership, and as a strategy for retention of scholars to facilitate ongoing professional development. 
Participating in this year’s Global Internship Conference provided a great opportunity to present on AKU and AKDN and share our best practices, but also gave us the platform to enhance the scope of our partner network around the world.