​NOVA University and AKU: The Value and Impact of the Erasmus Programme 

​Over the last two years, AKU has been actively working with NOVA University to support the faculty, staff and student exchanges through the Erasmus programme, funded by the European Union. Over two years, AKU has accessed USD 128,000 that has supported 9 exchanges of faculty, staff, and students to and from both institutions in 2022.

​Participating in these exchanges offers individuals the chance to interact with diverse faculty, and visit a new country and campus, creating an opportunity to exchange ideas and enhance learning. This approach leverages the benefits of working with another University, aiming to facilitate growth, networking, and learning for participants while strengthening the bond between AKU and NOVA.

​​Furthermore, it provides an avenue for expanding collaboration opportunities, as demonstrated by Imran Naeem, an Assistant Professor in Community Health Sciences (AKU-CHS) who spent a week at NOVA University, collaborating on (Escola Nacional de Saude Publica) ENSP research, and identifying key challenges that need to be addressed through joint research and establishment of educational programs.

Participating in these exchange programmes offer students a global perspective and helps them develop cultural competence, which can be invaluable in today's interconnected world. Ayshe Seyfulayeva a master’s in public health student at NOVA participated in a three-month internship at AKU in the Community and Health Sciences Department in Karachi. This programme aims to facilitate growth, networking and learning for participants while strengthening the bond between AKU and NOVA.

In 2023 we plan to exchange 14 more faculty, students and staff and another grant of USD 130,000 has been put in to support more faculty and staff in 2024. We are delighted that through our track record with NOVA, other universities have also shown interest in pursuing the programme with us including Maynooth University, the University of Granada, and the Catholic University of Portugal.