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The Institute and affiliated faculty support research towards enabling accessible, effective mental health intervention through use of technology and funding for training. Additionally, the faculty contributes to journal articles where the correlation of environmental factors and mental health is explored. 

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While most low, middle income countries (LMICs) including Pakistan have underdeveloped specialist facilities for mental health, a number of trials from LMICs show that non-specialist Community Health Workers can manage patients effectively as front line providers. Project mPareshan aims to develop an mHealth strategy to allow Lady Health Workers (LHWs) and their Supervisors (LHSs) to assess, diagnose, and provide management services for mental health within the community.  

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Lancet climate change editorial

As the immediate past Editor-in-Chief of the East African Medical Journal, Prof Lukoye Atwoli joined colleagues from across the world to publish this editorial calling for emergency action to limit global temperature increases in order to protect the health of our communities. The editorial has now been published in The Lancet and in dozens of health journals across the world.

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