Brain and neuroscience research, including cellular and molecular neuroscience, microbial and immunological processes and genetic and epigenetic mechanisms, impacting mental health and its physical health comorbidities. 

Meet our Affiliated Faculty

​​The Brain and Mind Institute invited AKU faculty with interest in a cross-appointment to the Brain and Mind Institute to contact the Institute's Director. Affiliate faculty appointments are also possible for visiting scholars and associated faculty having an interest in collaborating with colleagues at AKU on neurosciences research, academic offerings and service.

Learn about our Research Facilities

The Institute's research facilities are currently taking shape in shelled-in space at AKU's new University Centre, Nairobi. In both Karachi and Nairobi, the Institute has working relationships with ​relevant departments in the University hospitals, clinics and outreach facilities.

AKU's Neuroscience Programmes 

(Link to https://www.aku.edu/mcpk/residency/Pages/neurology.aspx)