​Mapping Global Mental Health Through Innovative Data Science

Project Period: 2021 - 2022

Collaborators: Aga Khan University’s Brain and Mind Institute; Macro-Eyes

Project Summary: This project demonstrates the innovative use of data science to understand the incidence of disease and to produce a map of mental health issues. Surveillance of mental illness is not feasible in the same way as other health conditions, and this impacts funding, prevention, treatment, etc. Other conditions more readily allow for tracking incidence and prevalence, largely through clinic visits and testing, as evidenced, for example, by the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard.  The objective of this pilot project is to demonstrate a methodological approach that uses open-source data and artificial intelligence to present revolutionary perspectives on the manifestation of mental health issues in Kenya.  Upon completion of the pilot project, a more fulsome project will be developed to apply the methodology on a wider scale.​​