Kiran Fatima

Intern, Policy and partnership ​

Kiran Fatima is currently an undergraduate psychology student at the Institute of Professional Psychology (IPP), Bahria University, Karachi. 

Kiran has served as a mentor to students at The Citizens Foundation (TCF) as well as designed summer engagement programs for children with the aim of imparting academic and social guidance. Besides, she has conducted focused counselling sessions for underprivileged students to help TCF assess and manage students’ emotional status and promote psychological well-being. 

She is a member of Umang’s network of warmline calls, Pakistan’s first mental helpline, as she is professionally trained in the modes of psychological crisis intervention. Her expertise involves identifying behaviour patterns and comprehending sensitive personal information to allow for the assessment of psychological status. 

Kiran hopes to research trauma and shock among victims of forced evictions in Pakistan and help increase access to mental health services for evictees. 

As a policy and partnership intern, Kiran, under the mentorship of Diana Mackay, aims to create and enhance relationships with key partners and stakeholders. She will work to identify potential synergies for the Brain and Mind Institute and help address the stigmas around mental health in Pakistan.