Harriet Musimbi Kigaro
Research Assistant​​

Harriet Musimbi Kigaro is a seasoned Medical Psychologist specializing in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. With over four years of expertise, Harriet has honed her skills in mental health research, particularly focusing on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She is well-versed in utilizing various psychometric and psychological assessment tools such as the Beck Depression Inventory, PHQ-9, CAPS-5, MINI, MADRS, and more.

Harriet is not only a dedicated and experienced psychologist but also boasts a proven track record in assessing and diagnosing behavioral, emotional, and cognitive disorders. Her strength lies in providing comprehensive therapy to clients, managing physical illnesses, and facilitating personal and vocational development.

Passionate about improving mental health and overall well-being, Harriet's advocacy efforts in 2020 led to the employment of 11 psychologists at Kitale County Hospital in Trans Nzoia, integrating psychotherapy into medical treatment strategies.

Harriet holds a Bachelor of Science in Medical Psychology from Moi University and is a Registered Medical Psychologist with the Medical Psychologists Association of Kenya. Before joining the Brain & Mind Institute, she contributed to research teams at reputable organizations such as Aga Khan University Nairobi, Sentum Scientific Solutions, and Moi University in collaboration with Ampath.

Currently, at BMI, Harriet serves as a Research Assistant for the Genetics of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in African Ancestry Populations study. Her role encompasses participant recruitment, data collection, and report writing, further showcasing her commitment to advancing the understanding of mental health through rigorous research.​​​​​