AKU Work and Study Programme (WASP)

Work On-Campus

The Student Experience Office within the Office of the Registrar in collaboration with other departments within AKU now provides students an opportunity to work on-campus; to be part of projects and programmes within AKU.  This will allow students to make use of their free time, gain experience, develop transferable skills, boost their résumés and earn extra money.

Funding for the work study programme is limited and may be exhausted prior to the application deadline of a particular job. Applications will be reviewed in the date order they are received.

A student may work up to 20 hours in a month and not more than 50 hours during an academic year. The student will receive an honorarium when the task has been completed. Upon completion of the work assigned, the department involved will provide a ‘work’ completion certificate. The honorarium will be either credited to the student's account or given to him or her in cash upon request.

There are a wide range of work opportunities available. in Dar es Salaam​, Kampala, Karachi and Nairobi. The lists of jobs available, honorarium and the requirements for the job can be viewed from provided links.​

In order to be considered for the Work and Study Programme, students must first complete and submit the application form to the individual identified on the attached lists.

The employer will have the option of conducting interviews and select on the basis of their criteria.

The Student Experience Office will serve as the liaison office.

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