The Programme

​​​The MSc in Health Policy and Management is a pioneering programme in Pakistan. The programme offers high quality education with a blend of theory and practice. It is designed to train professionals in strategic and operational planning, policy analysis, health systems research and development and in institutional management.  The programme is accredited by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and according t​​o PMDC regulations it provides a type II-B degree which is the most advanced level of master's degree in Pakistan.​​

Admissions have closed for 2019-2020 cycle. The last date to submit the application was May 20​.​

Programme Objectives​​​

The goal is to train professionals in heal​th systems planning, implementation and research.​​​​​

  • To prepare leaders in designing, implementing and monitoring of health care programmes in response to health needs of Pakistan and developing countries.

  • To develop professionals with comprehensive skills in health policy development and analysis and implementation.

  • To produce professionals with conceptual and technical skills in institutional management.

  • To provide tools to professionals to function at all levels of the health care system (policy, programmatic, service delivery) and in different organisational settings.

Part-time Programme​

The University offers candidates the choice to complete the two-year programme in extended time; i.e. either in thr​ee or four years. Health professionals, who have family responsibilities and job commitments and wish to upgrade their qualification, are able to benefit from the part-time programme. Further details regarding part-time programme are available from the concerned Programme Directors. 

Standalone​ Courses​​

The Programme offers selected courses as “Standalone courses” which are ideal for individuals who wish to enhance their knowledge in specific areas. ​Individuals can take up to 3 courses as standalone courses, accumulate up to 9 credits of course work. ​This option provides an opportunity of getting a flavour of the programme without committing two full years at the outset.​​​

For further information please review the Programme Information Booklet​​. You can also reach us via the following contact details:​

Graduate Programme Admission Office
Office of the Registrar
Aga Khan University 
(School of Nursing and Midwifery Building) 
Stadium Road, Karachi 74800
Tel: +92 21 3486 4537​ / 5456​

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