MScN Programme

The Master of Science in Nursing (MScN) programme, first of its kind in Pakistan, is a two-year programme that prepares advanced practice nurses who will develop innovative, practical solutions to complex health problems from a scientific perspective. 

Nursing practice in both rural and urban areas will be emphasized with the student selecting their specialty areas of advanced practice. 

Admissions have closed for 2017-2018 cycle. The last date to submit the application was June 5, 2017. ​Please direct your queries at

Programme ​Objectives​

Upon graduation, it is expected that graduates will become leaders with decision-making skills in the areas of education, administration, research and clinical practice. Moreover, they will utilise existing theories and research findings in providing care fo​​r individuals, families and communities. ​

The Programme will also provide nurses the necessary skills to develop and test theory and conduct research that will contribute to the body of knowledge defining the discipline of nursing.