​​Dr Tashmin Khamis​

Associate Vice Provost, Quality, Teaching and Learning​​

​​​​​Dr Khamis is the founding Director, Networks of Quality Assurance and Improvement and Teaching & Learning, including Blended and Digital Learning.  Since 2013, she has led the establishment of AKU's Academic Quality and Teaching and Learning Frameworks.  Dr Khamis is responsible for the professional educational development for faculty across all disciplines, the establishment of a virtual learning environment and the promotio​n of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education globally across all campuses of AKU. Dr Khamis has also established a cyclical quality assurance (QA) review process for all academic programmes and has been acknowledged for her contribution to QA in higher education regionally and internationally, including through her scholarship on quality and education development.  She has served as immediate Past-President of the East African QA Network (EAQAN), a Network of Higher Education Quality Assurance Practioners from 80 universities across the East African Community (EAC), and Board Member of the International Network of QA Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE). As Associate Vice-Provost, Dr Khamis will oversee the accreditation of AKU faculty by the Higher Education Academy (HEA UK) and establish the AKU Teacher's Academy as the first such inter-disciplinary teaching academy in the developing​ world​. Dr Khamis​​ is a Principal Fellow of the HEA, one of only 800 PFHEAs of the 100,000 HEA Fellows around the world. Dr Khamis has been appointed to the HEA Quality Advisory Board and is a Judge on Advance HE (UK) prestigious global teaching excellence award.