Donation Form

Donation Form


Endowments are sound financial mechanisms that are created to provide a permanent corpus of funds for on-going support of a designated program. They allow donors to maximise the impact of their contribution while ensuring perpetuity of their gift.

The endowment spending policy balances the need of today against those of tomorrow. The objective is to ensure that endowment growth keeps pace with rising costs so that present and future beneficiaries enjoy equivalent endowment support. Hence, only a portion of the income form the corpus is utilized and, depending on the rate of inflation, the remainder is ploughed back as a hedge against risings costs to ensure long-term viability.


Gifts for capital projects enable the University to construct new buildings, build major extensions or to procure capital equipment. Funding construction of a Named Faculty is an opportunity for donors to establish a lasting legacy in recognition of someone they wish to honour or memorialise.

Annual Giving for the University

To support annual requirement for general scholarship, research and other University related activities. Annual Giving funds are not part of endowment and are used to meet current disbursements

Annual Giving for Patient Welfare Programme

Raised as annual giving for providing financial assistance to indigenous patients at the University Hospitals as per predetermined criteria.

International Programmes

Operating funds raised for meeting on-going expenses of international programmes like Advance Nursing Studies, Post Graduate Medical Education, Undergraduate Medical Education etc. in various countries.