Ethics Committee for Research on Animals

Ethical Committee on Research on Animals

The Ethics Committee for Research on Animals (ECRA) is a standing committee of the University Research Council (URC). ECRA reviews and monitors ethical issues pertaining to experiments on animals undertaken at Aga Khan University (AKU) for research, teaching and diagnostic purposes for the benefit of humans. ECRA understands that experimental studies on animals continue to be necessary in order to better understand diseases and treatment. However, it desires to ensure that proposals for research and teaching are justified and animals used for study are treated humanely, in order to minimise the infliction of pain and discomfort as well as protect against maltreatment and harassment.

ECRA defines and publicises within the University a code of practice for experiments on animals that is consistent with ethical principles and humane treatment. ECRA Committee will evaluate all proposals for experiments on animals and will investigate legitimate concerns expressed from any source about the use of animals at AKU and report its conclusions and recommendations to URC.

ECRA determines who is authorised to use animals for experimental purposes at AKU.