Extramural Grants Submission Process_

Extramural Grant Submission Process

The success of your research project is a collective effort of the faculty and research support teams of AKU. The standardised grant submission process helps you to ensure that all aspects of your proposal intended for extramural funding ;( e.g. space, legal, health & safety, finance etc)  have been taken into consideration. It is for this reason, that the University has made it mandatory that all funding proposals and contracts must go through the "Extramural grant submission process."

Before submission to an external granting agency, the grant proposal has to undergo an extensive review process by the various support offices of the University and signed off by the relevant reviewing officers.

If you are planning to apply for an external grant, kindly follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Start following the submission process and filling the grants checklist at least 30 days prior to the funding agency’s deadline.  This will allow you ample time to address various issues concerning budget, ethics, space, human resources and undertakings by others. Prepare your research proposal along with other documents with strict adherence to the funding agency guidelines. The funding agencies application form (with relevant attachments) and extramural grant submission checklist should be first reviewed and signed off from the required reviewing units. Please note that the administrative signatory representatives will require less time (in terms of working days) to process small grants without a collaborative or /multidisciplinary component as compare to large grants with multiple tasks and participation of various disciplines.

  2. After obtaining the sign offs from relevant  administrative units, the HoD/Departmental Chair and HoE/Dean/Director approves your proposal. For this,  send copies of your proposal along with the checklist to them and obtain signoff on your checklist.

  3. In the final step of the submission process, when all approvals have been sought, please submit the hard and softcopy of your final proposal, along with the funding agency's submission requirements/checklist, letters of support/collaboration/material transfer agreement( MTA) and budget for final endorsement and signature by the Dean of Research & Graduate Studies (the office is located in the Juma Building).

In case of Electronic Submission requirement:

Please note that a prior registration of yourself and institutional registration number will be required in case you intend to submit a grant to the following agencies.

  • National Institute of Health: Get yourself registered with Grants.Gov and download appropriate application (in PDF format).
  • The Wellcome Trust:  Get registered and prepare application material online.  After completing submission formalities, we will be electronically notified by The Wellcome Trust.  The same will be reviewed at Research Office with comparison to the hardcopy submitted by you after all approvals.
  • Our Office will need 5 business days to validate, verify and submit electronically to respective funding agencies.  Research Office takes no responsibility in case of server breakdown of IT, NIH or WT or delays on part of the principal investigator.

Softcopies can be submitted to kawasji.kheswalla@aku.edu or jack.fernandes@aku.edu

Submitting Complete Application

Hardcopy of ‘Checklist’ and relevant funding agency application form (duly filled and endorsed) may be submitted at the Research Office frontdesk,   located at the Juma Building (1st Floor).It is important to emphasise the significance of a Signing Official (SO). A signing official has institutional authority to legally bind the institution in grants administration matters.  At AKU, the official signing authority is the Dean of Research & Graduate Studies. Final approval of all grants (Research, educational, developmental, clinical trials), Letters of Intents (LOIs), contracts, applications for performance of work (APWs) and agreements are endorsed by him before submission to the funding agency.

Administering Grant Funds

Upon receiving the approval letter of your request application for funding, get the funding contract/agreement reviewed by finance and legal and  also notify the Grants & Contracts division of the Finance Department and the Office of the Dean of Research & Graduate Studies (ORGS) at AKU.

Final Reporting

The funding agency most likely will require you to submit interim and/or final reports about your project. Please follow the agency’s stated guidelines for such reporting and send copies of all reports to the Office of the Dean of Research & Graduate Studies.

Withdrawals, Declines and Resubmissions

If you receive a notice that your grant proposal has been declined or a resubmission has been asked, please copy the written notification to the office of the Dean of Research & Graduate Studies. Should you decide to withdraw your application, please inform the ORGS regarding your decision before contacting the sponsor.