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Over 27 years, AKU has built a reputation in Pakistan for excellence in teaching and learning.

With programmes in educational development, medicine, nursing and midwifery, we aim to inspire young researchers and professionals to become forces of positive change in their communities.


An undergraduate education at AKU prepares you to make meaningful contributions and improve the quality of life of those around you.

Our programmes in medicine and nursing and midwifery teach you to apply classroom theory and academic research to solve the challenges Pakistan is facing today.


A graduate education at AKU opens doors to possibilities. Through participatory learning, real-world problem-solving and research our graduate students explore issues and develop innovative solutions to some of the most pressing concerns in Pakistan today.

If you are passionate about making a difference then AKU graduate programmes in nursing, medicine or educational development can help you turn your ideas into reality.

AKU's Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) strives to instil the skills of critical thinking and analysis into its graduates through carefully structured programmes as these skills form the keystone of scientific thought and the pre-requistite for meaningful scholarship and research.

AKU offers internships, residency, and fellowship programmes in various disciplines as part of its PGME portfolio.


Our transparent, merit-based admissions process and generous financial assistance ensure that a diversity of high caliber students are able to attend AKU.
Professional and Continuing EducationAKU professional and continuing education programmes are designed to provide practical skills, expert knowledge, best practice insights and a robust network of support to empower you to create positive change in your community.

For over 25 years AKU has been building local capacity through excellence in research and finding solutions to issues such as under-nutrition, mother and child health and illiteracy.

Our faculty champion lifelong learning for our students.

Working across eight countries in the fields of medicine, nursing, allied health, education and the humanities, we're proud of their accomplishments.