Genealogy and Knowledge in Muslim Societies: Understanding the Past

​​New Book - Genealogy and Knowledge in Muslim Societies​​: Understanding the Past ​​

April 30, 2014

AKU-ISMC and Edinburgh University Press has published a new book, edited by  Sarah Bowen Savant and Helena de Felipe, titled Genealogy and Knowledge in Muslim Societies: Understanding the Past(April 2014).  

From the Prophet's family tree to the present, ideas about kinship and descent have shaped communal and national identities in Muslim societies. So an understanding of genealogy is therefore vital to our understanding of Muslim societies, particularly with regard to the generation, preservation and manipulation of genealogical knowledge. 

These 9 case studies link genealogical knowledge to particular circumstances in which it was created, circulated and promoted. They stress the malleability of kinship and memory, and the interests this malleability serves.

The book is a volume in the Exploring Muslim Contexts (EMC) series.  The series brings together the scholarship of leading specialists from various fields to address salient issues in Muslim contexts from a wide range of theoretical and practical perspectives.  It aims to explore issues that are critical to all contemporary societies, particularly those that remain relatively unexplored within Muslim environments.  It encourages extensive inquiry, innovative thinking and the application of a variety of methodologies across different disciplines to provide meaningful insight into the challenges facing contemporary Muslim societies.

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