Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Pakistan

​Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Pakistan

Planned as part of Education City, just 55 kilometres outside of Karachi, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Pakistan (FAS-PK) will sit on 560 acres of land. It will be a "green" campus incorporating wind turbines, geo-thermal technology, solar energy in its environmentally-sustainable design.This campus and programme aims to offer the AKU student a unique campus experience in Pakistan.

Based on a residential campus system, students will be develop lifelong learning and leadership skills through peer learning, shared living spaces, and co-curricular activities. They will learn to appreciate the values of pluralism and to make difficult choices within an ethical framework.Beginning with a two-year undergraduate core curriculum, students will develop skills for inquiry, analysis, reasoning and critical thinking along with the ability to question existing paradigms. Experiential learning opportunities such as fieldwork research, community service and summer internships will instil students with a commitment to serve local communities and global citizenship.

Graduates from the FAS-PK will be qualified to pursue work in a wide range of areas. They will have career choices in business, public service, law, civil society, film and media, education, and international development.Aga Khan University is working closely with the government of Sindh and Pakistan and related stakeholder groups to develop the master plan for Education City and move this important project forward.