Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

All degree programmes require that students complete the FAS EA integrated core curriculum.

These core courses combine reason and imagination in explorations of ethics and identity, with a particular focus on entrepreneurial problem-solving, leadership, and pluralism. The curriculum is designed to develop students’ creative and ethical leadership abilities, in order to help mould the dynamic change-makers of tomorrow.

Overarching themes include:

  1. Self-Discovery: Exploring issues of ethics, self and citizenship.
  2. Ethics, Community and Citizenship: World views, belief systems, arts in the community
  3. Regional Studies: Building on historical and contemporary knowledge about local contexts and how they relate to the broader Indian Ocean region.
  4. System Dynamics and Scales: Researching a wide range of phenomena, from the molecular through the universal.
  5. Modes of Globalisation: Analysing the global impacts of issues related to technology, the environment and health.
  6. Ways of Knowing: Theories of knowledge, reality, truth, beauty and goodness

All thematic courses will be team-taught and deeply integrated in shorter blocks in the first year. In the remaining years they will be taught as semester long classes.

First year

In the first year all undergraduate students, regardless of discipline, will take the same five Integrated Core Curriculum courses. The first year Integrated Core Curriculum courses will be:

  • Sources of the Self
  • Ethics, Community and Citizenship
  • Regional Studies: East Africa and the Indian Ocean 
  • System Dynamics and Scales
  • Strategies for Success

Second year

In the second year, the Integrated Core Curriculum will complement the degree programmes, focussing on the developing students’ critical reasoning skills and recognition that all histories have a history. The second year Integrated Core Curriculum courses will be:

  • Modes of Globalisation
  • Ways of Knowing

Third and Fourth year

In the third and fourth years, the Integrated Core Curriculum will explore a multifaceted approach to problem solving, drawing on students’ disciplinary training and aiming to inspire research into frontiers of knowledge. A special focus will be on interdisciplinary teamwork.​​