Digital Expressive and Business for the Arts

​Digital, Expressive and Business for the Arts

Art is a vital part of self-exploration in every society and community on earth, as it addresses a basic need of all human beings: to represent their experience, ideas, beauty and hope. 

There are three main degree concentrations under Digital, Expressive and Business for the Arts:

  • Digital Arts: including film and animation; 
  • Expressive Arts: including performance, music, visual art or design;
  • Business for the Arts: focusing on the development of practical and business skills for those who wish to contribute to the creative economy.

These three concentrations share a focus on the importance of the arts in self-understanding, creativity, cultural production, the enhancement of taste, and the intense demand for content in the burgeoning creative economy in the East African region.

Each year will end with a student-managed capstone event bringing all degree clusters together. The final year will end with a festival.​​