Weather Information for all: Evaluating the impact of new weather and climate services for fishers and farmers in the Lake Victoria region of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

The project is a joint venture with the Koffi Annan Foundation and the Health and Climate Foundation in collaboration with the African Centre of Meteorological Organization.

The projects main goals are:

  1. To quantify the capacity of the agricultural and fishing communities to use existing weather and climate information to define a baseline for further service improvements.
  2. To evaluate the service improvements delivered to farmers and fishers throughout the implementation of the World Bank funded Weather and Climate Service Delivery Project focusing on Severe Weather Forecasting Demonstration and Agricultural Applications by the World Metrological Organization.

With a focus on agricultural and fishing communities the project intends to develop and test community education and awareness tools designed to help farmers and fishers make better decisions that reduce risks to their lives and livelihoods. The main objective of the project is to demonstrate positive impacts of improvements in weather and climate services for the millions of people in the Lake Victoria region. This research would lead to weather–indexed micro-insurance for small-holder farmers.​